Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the accomodations?

R: The accomodations are at 2100 Saint-Urbain street (H2X 3X8). There will always be rez staff there to welcome you; you will receive an email with details and your room number prior to the event.  

Where do I register? 

R: On Friday, there will be a registration desk at the Parc des Faubourgs, open from 5:00 pm onward. On Saturday, you will also be able to register and get your goodies, but you will have to do so at the Centre Claude-Robillard, close to our fields. Note that there will be less staff there than on Friday, so it might take a bit longer.

How do I get to the games?

The metro will be your best bet to get to the matches. The unlimited weekend pass is 13.75$ and will let you take the metro as many times as you’d like. An individual ticket is 3.25$. The games are close to Cremazie metro, on the orange line.

Are the fields turf or grass?

R: There will be a warm-up field and a game field, and both are grass.

When and how long are the games?

R: Two twenty minutes, cut with a five minute break. Games will take place on both Saturday and Sunday. They will start at 9:00 in the morning and end around 4PM.

Do we need to provide our own medic and touch judges?

R: There will be medic on site, though any help is welcomed. If some supporters/players want to help and be touch judges, we will welcome the help!

Will lunch be served?

R: Lunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday.

Will you have a laundry service for team jerseys?

R: Yes, there will be such a thing! We will take care of laundry.

And what’s happening at nights?

R: There will be a couple of great occasions to socialize, notably at Black Eagle in the Gay Village, which will be our headquarters for most of the weekend. Montreal Pride also offers events as part of the Sports Tournament, so these can also be a great option. Though, keep your energy for our closing party which will take place at Unity in the Gay Village, on Sunday night!